A true Day Spa gift

to choose from our range of day spa offers or also the following package:
including a massage that begins in the world and arrives right at the heart of the soul at €97.00 per person.

  • Entrance for the entire day to our Spa Centre: Indoor Jacuzzi pool, Bio-sauna, Turkish steam room with Thalassotherapy, Kneipp pool, Blue Cavern with dead Sea salt pool, Tropical shower with passion fruit essence, Cold Cavern with ice fountain, 5 Senses Relaxation room, Herbal Tea corner with relaxing and detoxing teas and infusions.
  • Spa set (soft bathrobe and sauna towel to use and a free pair of spa slippers)

And, above all, a massage of your choice from the following:

CANDLE RITUAL MASSAGE A special candle that, while melting, releases a sensual aroma in the air, and then it is ready to be rubbed all over the body with a gentle 50 minute massage of Nordic origins.
HOT STONE TERAPY The warmth from the stones unites with the warmth from the hands to create a truly unique experience of relaxation and wellbeing. This is a 50 minute massage from Native America.
PINDASWEDA AYURVEDIC MASSAGE From Pinda = round mass, sweda = heat. It is a therapeutic application of warm, soft bags filled with herbs and spices including lavender, fennel, mint and ginger. This is one of the most important massages from the Indian medical culture and lasts 50 minutes.