Where both legs and mind wander

A double water experience alternating between sweet and salted, between hot and cold, between light and darkness
Two experiences which are completely different from each other, and yet complementary to one another and both are essential in your body care routine.
Kneipp pool
The classical method of walking through alternate areas of warm and cold water. The change in temperature and the smooth white river pebbles on the ground stimulate the circulation and you will feel the difference after just one session!
Dead Sea Salt Bath
This experience is truly unique and something which our guests simply cannot get enough of!

Enter into our atmospheric grotto decorated in precious Bisazza lapis lazula mosaic and immerse yourself into our Dead Sea salt bath, where the water is heated to 34° and the high concentration of salt directly from Amman is beneficial for both body and soul.

Lie back and float on the salty waters while listening to underwater music providing you with an unforgettable and sensual experience, offering complete relaxation while your eyes feast on the breathtaking sight of a starry lit sky with colourtherapy!