Wellbeing that stems from the feet

As passed down from the ancient Romans, this ritual unites the use of water, hot and cold mud packs, exercise and essential oils, enhanced by the Podostrigiles® massage.
PMP WELCOME 15 min 25,00 Euro
The marvel of freshness and vitality, effect of this ritual for feet, is the immediately perceived emotion, followed by the dissolution of stress and hidden tensions. In just 15 minutes, the ritual plays a significant stimulating action with great benefits.
PMP CLASSIC 50 min 70,00 Euro
Essential oils extracted from spontaneously growing plants and a massage performed with the Podostrigiles® (patented tool for massage), according to a scientific protocol, are the basis of this ritual which consists of the aromatherapy with Italian Peppermint and a special compress.
This invigorating and energizing effect is especially recommended after sport activities, after sauna or to give relief to swollen or tired feet.