4th June 2023

Ride Riccione in 2023, in its 23rd edition, launch itself on to the international stage, reviewing the entire itinerary and participatory spirit.

A great occasion to participate to a Granfondo, for experts and beginners too!
Three routes: 109km, 109km and 142km. Fun, fascinating and exciting, that bring amateurs through the hills of the hinterland of Riccione:
The 109km e-Ride is the race dedicated to bikes with assisted pedaling and it runs across the same route as the Middle Ride.
It's challenge?
Arriving to the end of the route optimizing your battery life.
The Middle ride is a fast, exciting and challenging route through the warmth of villages and hills. You will feel the drop when retracing part of the Timing Stage of Giro d'Italia 2019 - Riccione San Marino with the time trial of Montegiardino.
The Long ride goes from Riccione through Romagna, Marche and the Republic of San Marino, arriving to the Cippo Carpegna to feel the breath of the legendary cyclist Marco Pantani. It's a demanding and adrenaline route which will let you test yourself but will give you the joy and satisfaction of having seen magical places.

The Granfondo takes place within the Ride Riccione Week, an international cycling event that takes place over several days. Its goal is to offer everyone, the opportunity to visit and get to know our territory from the saddle of their bikes.
The pleasure not only of keeping fit, but of living an original and new experience, visiting our beautiful region with villages full of charm, history, culture and food and wine excellences.
This is the mood with which the 1st edition of RRW - Ride Riccione Week - takes shape.
The rides https://www.ridericcione.com/en/percorsi/