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A Gran Fondo created by the family of Marco Pantani to honour his memory and achievements...
The Gran Fondo "Marco Pantani" is a Gran Fondo which takes place in September and was created by Tonina Pantani, mother of the late Marco Pantani, in order to honour her son's achievements in the cycling world and to take cyclists through the roads and countryside where Marco used to train. As is typical for a Gran Fondo, there are two routes available for participants to ride.
This event started in 2008 and so it is still quite small however the atmosphere is no less than that of any of the other Gran Fondos and the emotion behind it is really something special due to the active participation and organisation of Marco's family. We, here at the Belvedere, are extremely enthusiastic about this event and would like to see it grow and become as popular as the Nove Colli as the routes are just as spectacular and well worth the effort for any cyclist and nature lover.

Please contact us directly for more information on how you can take part in this unforgettable experience.