Bike holidays & Seasons

Our region and its seasons

The Italian region of Emilia Romagna stands apart from all the others. In this central part of Italy, which borders with Tuscany and is just a short train journey from Venice, the bike is the most popular way to get around.
The local people love their bicycles and likewise love tourists who take cycling holidays, welcoming them with kindness, fine cuisine and the world´s friendliest hotels. It is the land of famous figures, from Fellini to Pantani, as well as home to the Ferrari.
When you come to this region, you simply cannot help indulging in its delicious traditional cuisine and the excellent local wines ... and why not combine the good food and wine with your passion for cycling?
Riccione is the ideal place for holidaymakers, whether you´re looking for a relaxing, easy-going break or a sporty activity holiday.
Its position allows you to explore the surrounding hinterland both by bike and by car and visit local historical hilltop towns such as San Marino, Gradara or Urbino, to name just a few.
At the Belvedere you can cycle with us through Emilia Romagna and the surrounding regions in Spring, Summer and Autumn. Each of these seasons offers the cyclist and their non-cycling companions a unique and fulfilling experience!
The fresh spring air arrives in March, with blossoming peach trees and the first warm sunny days after winter. Then the blooming of the roses in the hills during April and May heralds the approach of Summer. It is the perfect way to start your bike season, with a Belvedere bike experience packed with great tours, delicious food and lots of activities to live the Italian Dolce Vita at 360°!

When summer arrives, Riccione is a perfect destination for a Bike and Beach holiday combining a family or summer holiday with a cycling holiday, since there is so much for the whole family to do! Plus, our kids clubs will take care of your children while you are out cycling in the morning so every member of the family will have an unforgettable holiday.

The month of September brings with it the first scents and colours of autumn in the surrounding countryside, and the weather remains warm and sunny until the end of October....perfect for cycling! Autumn is also the season of many village festivals where each week a different delicacy or aspect of local life is celebrated with great food, wine and festivities in the various historical towns and villages dotted around the hills of the surrounding hinterland!