Ingredients, combinations, creativity, attention to detail, abundance. Dinner at the Belvedere is a story of unrivaled excellence.
The art of cooking has a long history and a vast geography, both of which combine traditions, imagination and also experiments. In our restaurant, you will find only natural ingredients and expert procedures resulting in healthy, delicious dishes. The Belvedere menu is, in fact, in line with a precise philosophy: «It all starts with freshness and freshness is where it must return». But with many steps in the middle, letting creativity transform simple and natural ingredients into elaborate and mouthwatering dishes.
Our strong point is, in a nutshell, the fact that we integrate gastronomical criteria, i.e. the pleasure of good food, with that of healthy cooking. Emphasis on taste and the selection of quality ingredients. Every evening at the Belvedere a certain ritual takes place: our guests walk along our buffets to see «what there is today». And today, or rather always, there is a 5 metre long buffet of elaborate appetizers including vegetables au gratin, crudities, shellfish, mushrooms, cheese selections, a variety of rustic and special breads, prized cold cuts…While, on the central console you will find two great pasta dishes from Italian tradition together with a delicious soup, the best fish and meat main dishes and tasty vegetable side dishes. last but certainly not least, there is the large dessert buffet with indulgent and strictly all homemade sweets and a platter of the freshest fruit of the season to perfectly round off your meal.