Riccione welcomes Germans for the Pentecost: "Here we feel safe"

The hoteliers: "They couldn't wait to come back. The secret? Loyalty"

"The important thing is to count on a pool of loyal customers. From Italy as well as from abroad. Tourists who not only have in mind a destination and a country to visit but also a second home in which to live and be welcomed ».
At Hotel Belvedere in Riccione, Marina Pasquini gives a general idea of the balance sheet of the first weeks of opening. 2021 is an even stranger year than last year and invites us to look at the near future and to summarize everything that happens week after week. Here, as in other hotels, the first German tourists of the season have arrived, those pursued by the Region with a €300,000 publicity campaign based on TV commercials!”

"They couldn't wait to return"

"They are tourists who have been coming here for years - explains the hotelier - and couldn't wait to return".

Along the Riviera, May is bringing good and bad weather, the beach umbrellas are all open but there are more jackets in sight than naked torsos however the spirit seems to be a step ahead of the sky’s tantrums. Hoteliers know that you work and will work a lot with loyal customers. Trust in the protocols also comes through the close bond between customers and hoteliers, even beyond the Alps. «The Germans - explains Fabrizio Albertini, the regional vice president of Asshotel - are starting to arrive on the Riviera. They all arrive by car like most of the foreigners who take advantage of the motorway corridors ». It will still be a summer of proximity tourism, therefore, and for the moment those unwilling to travel by air. And according to what the hoteliers say, requests from Germany are also arriving for the first weeks of November.

German tourists: "We feel safe here"

Two cyclists at 9 am on Thursday are ready in their kits to climb the Valmarecchia and arrive at the Rocca di San Leo in the Rimini hinterland. The afternoon before they were in Bagno di Romagna for the start of the tenth stage of the Giro d’Italia. «We know how the staff of this hotel works. We had first come to Romagna to follow the Nove Colli and other competitions. At first I was a little worried but then when we arrived in Italy we calmed down because we noticed, for example, many people wearing masks or in any case respecting the rules ". In Germany, they say, the situation varies from region to region. “Very complicated in the south, more normal in the north. But overall, we believe that Germany is far behind with vaccinations. Especially compared to Italy according to what they tell us, so much so that many rich Germans go to Russia to get vaccinated with Sputnik ". But beyond the anecdotes, another trend emerges that the pandemic seems to have legitimized. We work with loyal customers and loyal customers become ambassadors by sponsoring their holiday experiences with their stories.

Promotion rhymes with loyalty

As the cycling guests of Hotel Belvedere tell us, "it becomes easy to recommend these places to your friends or at least encourage them to travel. We have sent many photos from here ». But what does it mean to build loyalty? «A family - says Marina Pasquini - arrived here for the first time in 2006, a couple with a baby. That baby has now grown up, plays basketball at a high level, on Thursday she played an important match in Berlin. This morning she left by train from Stuttgart and we will go to pick her up at the station in Rimini at 16.30. This is what building loyalty means and it is an important card to play for hotels and the territory ”.
Riccione welcomes Germans for the Pentecost: "Here we feel safe"
Riccione welcomes Germans for the Pentecost: "Here we feel safe"
Credit by Enea Conti. Click here for the official article: Corriere di Bologna
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