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Belvedere Recipe Collection

A special gift:

some of our traditional recipes so that you can taste the Belvedere flavours and atmosphere all through the winter.
Bruschetta is one of the best ways to enjoy the bounty of summer. Pronounced “brusketta”, this classic
Italian appetizer is a perfect way to capture the flavours of garden ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic,
and olive oil. Think of it as summer on toast!
Slices of toasted bread
4 red, mature but firm, medium sized tomatoes
10 basil leaves
1 clove of garlic
2-3 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
Salt as needed
1. Soak the tomatoes whole in hot water for a couple of minutes and then peel the skin off them, cut them
in half, remove all the seeds and chop into small pieces.
2. Chop the garlic and basil finely, mix together with the tomatoes and oil, adding salt to taste.
3. Put just enough on each piece of toasted bread and garnish with a basil leaf and also small pieces of
mozzarella or parmesan slices if you wish.
Tips: you can add chili powder if you prefer it to be a little spicy and basil can also be substituted with
oregano if you prefer.
Life style
If you do make these dishes please send us the photos!
Belvedere Recipe Collection
Belvedere Recipe Collection

300g minced beef
100g bacon
½ glass red wine
1 glass of meat broth
Several spoons of tinned chopped tomatoes or pureed tomatoes
1 onion
1 carrot
1 stick of celery
Extra virgin olive oil as needed
Salt as needed
Pepper as needed
1. Carefully wash the celery and carrot and peel the onion. Finely chop the vegetables. In a large saucepan,
gently heat a spoon of olive oil then add and sauté the vegetables and the bacon.
2. Add the minced beef and brown for a few minutes. Pour in the wine and stir carefully. When the wine
has completely evaporated, add the tomato and the broth and continue to stir. Adjust the salt and pepper
and leave to simmer for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally.
3. After the two hours are up, the ragù will be ready to be added to the pasta and served.

5 eggs
500g Flour 00
Make a well in the flour and put the eggs in the centre. Using a circular movement, mix the eggs with the
flour starting from the inside and moving outwards, until all the flour has absorbed the egg. Once it is all
mixed well, start to work and knead the mixture until you obtain a smooth and homogenous dough. Form
two, equal-sized balls and wrap them in cling film. Leave them to stand in the fridge for 20-30 mins.
Dust the pastry board with flour and, using a rolling pin, gently roll out the dough, dusting with flour from
the centre outwards: at the beginning, it should be thicker in the centre and thinner towards the edges
(it mustn’t be wider than the length of the rolling pin). Roll it out lengthways until it is just less than 1mm
thick. Cover it with a clean kitchen cloth and leave for about 30min – 1 hour until it is dry enough so that
it doesn’t stick and not too dry that it breaks when it is folded (try folding a corner of it to be sure). Cut
the dough in half and then fold it into an S shape and continue to do so until the end of the dough, always
dusting it with flour when you fold it over. With a sharp knife cut the tagliatelle strips of 5mm in width.
Dust a tray with flour or ground semola and place the cut tagliatelle on the tray, opening them up a little
so they dry out further. Leave them to dry for about 2 hours and then when you are ready to cook them,
boil in plenty of salted water for a couple of minutes
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